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هل صحيح أن الزيادات السنوية على الائجارات القديمة الغير سكنية هي كالتالي: سنة 1976 = 6.25% ، وسنة 1983 = 35% ، وسنة 1984 = 55% ، وسنة 1992 = 170 ضعفا ، وسنة 1994 = 35% ؟ أي اذا كان الائجار لمحل سنة 1975 = 400 ليرة لبنانية يصبح سنة 2019 = 312148 ليرة لبنانية؟
شكرا لكم
Tuesday 10th of March 2020 10:35:30 PM
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Hello , i would like to ask about the civil marriage laws and terms especially concerning what happens in case of divorce. Does the couple specifies the terms and conditions him self ?for example can the couple write a term that in case of divorce the wife gets half of this specific house only ? Or they are obliged to divide the husband’s and wife's properties equally . Can they also include other terms or there are certain ones that cannot be changed ( concerning divorce )?
Monday 10th of February 2020 03:27:26 AM
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Hello, I want to ask you if it is possible to sign a civil marriage outside lebanon and a religious marriage (in church) in Lebanon (in order to get the spiritual side of the marriage)! Is it possible to register only the civil marriage and to follow only the civil marriage laws? So it will be easier to brake the maronite marriage and follow the civil marriage laws in keeping my children for example!
Saturday 2nd of November 2019 12:19:18 AM
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I have a case since 2010 in lebanon. My lawyer missed the last 2 court dates and he is not replying back to me. Im currently living abroad and i do not know if im able to come to lebanon or ill be arrested. I need help. I dont have my case number. If possible to contact me on +15145717875 ( call/sms/whatsapp) or +9613009171. Thank you.
Monday 21st of October 2019 08:18:41 AM
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Hi everyone,

looking for a Lawyer to handle my divorce case of a civil wedding that took place in cyprus, registered in lebanon and both parties live in Kuwait currently.

more than 3 years have passed.
family of 3 including a 1 year old child

the request is unilateral from the wife side.

kindly contact me via call/whatsapp 0096170993359

many thanks in advance
Saturday 31st of August 2019 12:38:22 PM
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